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Mentorship & Teaching

I create an environment where mentees and students feel welcome, supported, and excited to learn.  I find that focusing on the wellbeing and personal goals of students is the most rewarding and impactful approach to educating.

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Teaching Assistant

Genetics (Spring 2017 & 2018)

Cell and Molecular Biology (Fall 2016 & 2017)

Accelerated Biology (Fall 2019)

Ecological Genomics (Spring 2020, Fall 2021)

Principles of Biology (Spring 2022)


Graduate Student Wellness (Fall 2020)

Syllabus and Schedule



Emily Shore, UVM, 2018-present

“Impact of microplastics consumption on the physiology of Acartia tonsa

Chelsea Darwin, UVM, 2018-2020

   “Transgenerational impacts of warming on thermal tolerance of Acartia tonsa

Jessica Crooker, UVM, 2019-2020

   “Life history stage specific salinity tolerance of Acartia tonsa

Emily Kaloudis, UVM, 2021-2022

“Characterizing the thermal environment of copepod, Acartia tonsa”


Undergraduate Assistants

Anya Steinhart, UVM, 2019-present

Hannah Edmonds, UVM, 2018

Erika Petterson, UVM, 2017-2019

Maria Cayia, UVM, 2017-2018

Franklin Dean Keck, SRJC, 2016

Mentorship & Teaching: My Work
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